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Gallery 3 - Pepperwood Exhibit

Golden Fairy Lantern, Calochortus amabilis
Superb Mariposa Lily, Calochortus superbus
California Fawn Lily, Erythronium californicum
Two Eyed Violet, Viola ocellata
Lace Pod, Thysanocarpus curvipes
Cow Clover, Trifolium wormskjoldii
Tolmies Pussy Ears, Calochortus tolmiei
Western Starflower, Trientalis latifolia
Linanthus, Linanthus sp
California Dandelion, Agoseris grandiflora
Pacific Madrone, Arbutus menziesii
Dutchmans Pipe, Aristolochia californica
Owls Clover, Castilleja exserta ssp exserta
Birds Eye Gilia, Gilia tricolor
Bowl Tubed Iris, Iris macrosiphon
Hendersons Shooting Star, Dodecatheon hendersonii

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