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Updates for Wildflowers of Northern California's Wine Country & North Coast Ranges

First printing - white color end papers
Second printing - apricot color end papers
Click on a page number to view/print pdf page. Be patient, it may take a minute to load. In Acrobat print set "page scaling" to "none".

Page number Updates - October, 2007 - FIRST printing with white colored end papers
101 - ORANGE Leopard Lily image updated.
134 - PINK Image of Sea Lavender in full bloom added.
135 - PINK Carolina Geranium image is incorrect, replaced with full page entry for Fringed Checkerbloom.
137 - PINK Large image of Bitter Root is upside down.
139 - PINK Replaced image of Gypsum Spring Beauty with Little Spring Beauty, page 140. Siberian Candyflower image has been updated.      
140 - PINK Replaced image of Little Spring Beauty with Gypsum Spring Beauty, page 139.
148 - PINK Coyote Mint - images have been updated.
178 - VIOLET Image of Sky Lupine, Lupinus albifrons, has name/entry updated to Sky Lupine, Lupinus nanus. 
188 - BROWN Coastal Piperia image updated.
192 - BROWN Wild Ginger size updated to 3-15 cm, 1-6 in.
193 - BROWN Woolly Marbles, Psilocarphus brevissimus updated to P. tenellus
200 - FERN Image of Common Horsetail has name/entry updated to Giant Horsetail, Equisetum telmateia ssp. braunii - 30-100 cm, 12-40 in. 
208 - VINES Image of Virgin's Bower has name/entry updated to Pipestems, Clematis lasiantha. Blooms Jan-Jun. 
218 - VINES Image of Scotch Broom has name/entry updated to Spanish Broom, Spartium junceum, with little oblong leaves.
251 - CREDITS Added photo credit for Peter Baye - Salt Rush, page 201.
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