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Photos of New Creek Ranch

Hello Friends - Here's some images of our off the grid home in northern Sonoma County, 100 miles north of San Francisco. Our home is in a grove of Black Oaks on three sides and a wonderful meadow on the south side. It's situated on a ridge top 20 miles from the wild north coast at the end of a 6 mile dirt road. There's a wonderful diversity of trees in our environment including Redwoods, 5+ types of Oaks, Madrone, Bays, and more. Bald and Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and Pileated W oodpeckers are a few of the birds we share the sky with. Our bedroom, or bunkhouse as Keith likes to call it, is a separate building with screened windows. My office is another building down hill from our home, Keith's is uphill. The drought/deer tolerant garden is coming in to it's full glory with some of it being close to 15 years old. We hope you enjoy these photos and take time to come visit us at our mountain top paradise. New Creek Ranch--home of mud slides, rattle snakes, and wild cats!

View to south with fog in valleys.

View to east and drought tolerant garden.

South garden

Black Oaks in the fall.

Black and Oregon Oaks in the fall.

Winter does happen at our 1200' elevation.

The most unusual sunset we've seen.