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Reny's Garden Plant List

Here's a list of plants from 2010 that have worked in my drought tolerant/deer resistant garden and meadow. These include California natives and Mediterranean plants, but I've been removing non-natives for the past few years. My goal is to have about 90% natives, which I'm getting close to in 2010. The plants thrive in a drought situation while being "threatened" by deer, wild pigs and turkey, rabbits and who knows what else!

This large garden and meadow is 100 miles north of San Francisco on a ridge top 20 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. Our annual rainfall is anywhere from 50 to 80 inches usually between November and April. However, this (2008-09) and the past two years have been drought conditions, with less than 30 inches of rain. I do all of our planting after the rains have started, typically in mid-November. The garden was started in 1994.