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All photographs on this site are by Reny Parker and protected by copyright. You may use a limited number (up to three) of my photographs on a non-commercial web site. I appreciate being notified when my photographs are used. Please include a link to my site and list credit as:
Reny Parker,

Prior to 2006 I used a Nikon F (yes, just plain F) with a handheld Pentax Spotmeter V with Fuji Velvia my choice of film. In 2006 I needed to complete the gathering of photographs for my field guide. At that time I started using a Nikon D50 and have since upgraded to a Nikon D7100. I have five lenses all of which are Nikkor's. My most widely used is the Micro-Nikkor 55mm, then the Micro-Nikkor 60mm. A zoom Nikkor 18-55, wide angle Nikkor 28mm, and telephoto Nikkor-Q 135mm. Recently I added a Raynox super macro/closeup kit with three macro lenses.   

As wildflowers like to dance around in the wind, I use a somewhat battered white umbrella staked into the ground as a wind barrier. Also, a translucent plastic to help keep the plant from moving about and provide even light in the sun. A Gitzo Explorer tripod is used to hold the camera steady and allow me to "study" my shot.

To aid in identification, I try to obtain a regional field guide for each area that I visit as they are much more specific for the local plants. See some of the many guides I use.

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