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Updates for Wildflowers of Northern California's Wine Country & North Coast Ranges

First printing - white color end papers
Second printing - apricot color end papers
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Page number Updates - October, 2007 - FIRST printing with white colored end papers
14 - INTRO St. John's Wort: Updated name Klamath Weed, Hypericum concinnum to Hypericum perforatum.
43 - WHITE Western Morning Glory image updated.
48 - WHITE Alumroot image updated.
50 - WHITE California Saxifrage leaf image updated.
76 - YELLOW California Lomatium images updated.
77 - YELLOW Pacific Sanicle image is Sanicula laciniata - replaced this entry with Coast Sanicle from page 78.
78 - YELLOW Coast Sanicle moved to page 77 and replaced with new entry - Sticky Cinquefoil, Potentilla glandulosa.
82 - YELLOW Current image of Blow Wives is Uropappus lindleyi, a very similar seedhead. Updated with correct image.
83 - YELLOW Image of Common Hareleaf is Madia gracilis. Updated with incorrectly named image from below of Hayfield Tarweed. Image of Hayfield Tarweed is Common Hareleaf. Updated with correct image.
84 - YELLOW Coast Tarweed entry removed, replaced with Common Madia, Madia elegans.
92 - YELLOW Image of Fragrant Everlasting has name/entry updated to Purple Everlasting, Gnaphalium purpureum.
96 - YELLOW Bolander's Hawkweed entry removed, replaced with Yellow Skunk Cabbage, Lysichiton americanum.
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