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Botanical Plant Name - N

Choose a letter from the alphabet in the left column and a list of botanical plant names will be presented.

Click on a botanical plant name to see thumbnail images. Note, botanical names are in flux due to taxonomic changes.

Color & shape may be your next choice if you are unable to locate it by name.

• Nama demissum (8)
• Nama demissum var demissum (2)
• Nama sp (2)
• Nanastylis gemini flora (1)
• Navarretia intertexta (2)
• Nemophila heterophylla (2)
• Nemophila maculata (1)
• Nemophila menziesii (21)
• Nemophila menziesii ssp atomaria (4)
• Nicotiana glauca (1)
• Nothoscordum bivalve (1)
• Nuphar luteum (2)
• Nuphar polysepalum (2)

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