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Comments & Reviews - continued

Bay Nature Library, Published: Oct - Dec 2007
Book Review by Sue Rosenthal
Reny Parker is passionate about wildflowers. For 17 years, she has...
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A few more of the many Comments

My wife and I love to walk thru Annadale (sp) in the Spring and note all the wildflowers. We had an old guide that someone self published decades ago - it was old but it was all we had. Then we misplaced our guide and couldn't remember 'Hound's Tongue' when we found one. We tried to describe the flower to friends (that's always difficult to do accurately)  and then our neighbor, Steve Barnhart of SRJC and Pepperwood Preserve, recommended your guide book. I ran to Copperfield's to get one and what a beautiful book!

You are an outstanding photographer and every page of your book conveys your deep appreciation for the beauty around us. I want to thank you very much for enriching our lives. I know what to give all my friends on their special occasions.
Jim P., Walker and enjoyer of nature

Your book came in today's mail. It's WONDERFUL! You did a fantastic job and we find it very easy to use. Already confirmed our white-colored Baby Blue-eyes! You'd think some big-house publisher did it, but, truthfully, it's better than they'd do! I love the soft-colored borders you put on the pictures. Very pretty. I love the color coding that shows on the top of each page.....and I've only had a few minutes with it. I'm very impressed!
Kathy Biggs, Author California Dragonflies