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Common Plant Name - J

Choose a letter from the alphabet in the left column and a list of common plant names will be presented.
Names like Desert Aster are listed as Aster, Desert.

Click on a common plant name to see thumbnail images. Note, plants may have more than one common name according to the region in which it is found. Examples: Lily may be Tulip, Fairyslipper a Calypso Orchid, Delphinium a Larkspur....

Color & shape may be your next choice if you are unable to locate it by name.

• Jack in the Pulpit (4)
• Jacobs Ladder, Tall (4)
• Jasmine, Northern (2)
• Jaumea (2)
• Jewelflower (2)
• Jewelflower, Arizona (3)
• Jewelflower, Bristly (5)
• Jewelflower, Mountain (3)
• Jewelflower, One Sided (3)
• Jewelflower, Shieldleaf (1)
• Jewelflower, Socrates Mine (1)
• Jewelflower, Tamalpais (1)
• Jimson Weed, Western (1)
• Johnny Jump Up (3)
• Johnny Nip (1)
• Jojoba (1)
• Joshua Tree (8)
• Juniper, Utah (11)

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